Thermomix TM5 functions include chopping, whipping, mixing, emulsifying, milling, kneading, cooking, blending, stirring, steaming, weighing and precise heating. It is a unique, cutting-edge appliance that brings professional-style cooking to any home and kitchen, making meals simple and fun. The colour touchscreen display and control dial mean it is a breeze to programme the Thermomix ®, which effortlessly performs the functions of virtually every kitchen device you’ll ever need.



Get the perfect blend for healthy smoothies, silky soups or stunning cocktails.


Thermomix ® is one of the most refined and powerful food mixers you can own.


Steaming food is made easy with the clever Varoma attachment, which fits on top of the mixing bowl lid and makes it possible to steam ingredients while cooking in your mixing bowl.


Precision work: With the built-in scales, you can weigh everything directly in your mixing bowl as you cook or mix. Just reset the scale using the tare button to weigh all your ingredients one after the other.


With Thermomix ®, it’s so easy to make your own salad dressings and mayonnaise.


With the powerful Thermomix ® motor and high quality knife, grinding or milling is now a breeze.


With Thermomix ® you can set the knife to stir the ingredients continuously to achieve even heating while you cook.


With the help of the butterfly whisk attachment, you can whip cream quickly and easily. You can also whip egg whites into beautiful peaks.


Perfectly chopped ingredients in seconds: Thermomix ® chops onions, nuts, herbs, meat, carrots, potatoes and so much more.


Integrated sensors within the mixing bowl regulate the temperature to the exact heat you want.


Warm, heat, cook or sauté − Thermomix ® cooks with precision for perfect results.


The dough mode imitates the kneading action of a professional baker with an intermittent clockwise-counterclockwise motion.