Thermomix® is not sold on Internet

Fraudulent sales - Thermomix

Be careful of fraudulent sales of Thermomix®. You may find various offers in online shops and on various websites to purchase a new Thermomix ®. These offers have no connection to Vorwerk International or Fantan Enterprise Ltd,  the official distributor of Thermomix ®  in Canada. We sell Thermomix ® exclusively through trained and authorized Thermomix® Consultants via Thermomix Cooking Experience (also known as demonstration) to our customers. We do this so that our customers get maximum value from their investment and so that they can benefit from their Thermomix ® Consultant’s advice and support, and after sales customer service.

Online offers for Thermomix ® may look very professional, however Vorwerk and Thermomix ® do not issue licenses to use their logos and photographs and do not authorise any company or individual to sell Thermomix ® online or to offer product warranty.

Please thoroughly research any independent seller on the internet. Caution must be taken with any online Thermomix ® offers, particularly with regard to warranties.

Do not take any risks

Book your own in-home Thermomix Cooking Experience (also known as demonstration) with a Thermomix ® Consultant. There is no obligation to purchase at a Thermomix® demonstration and you will be able to see all the various functions of the Thermomix ® as well as tasting some of the dishes it produces. Customers also enjoy other unique benefits such as cooking classes, host rewards and recipe advice through their Thermomix ® Consultant and via our online Facebook page. Purchasing from the authorized Thermomix ® Distributor and our consultants is the only safe way of purchasing a new Thermomix ® and also guarantees the validity of your warranty.