Many of us are used to the conventional methods and tools used in preparing and cooking our favourite meals. Some of these methods are very time-consuming and even challenging to the point where we avoid cooking them altogether. With Thermomix you never have to feel this way again. Thermomix saves time, is easy to use and make recipes with, and allows you to produce consistent results.


Thermomix ® is powerful and versatile, which helps you save time and lets you automate much of the cooking process, especially with the Guided Cooking feature for recipe reliability. It’s clever design means it is also easy to operate, featuring a simple touchscreen interface that places precise control at your fingertips.


Thermomix ® will inspire you to try new recipes, and even accomplished cooks will find they can be even more creative with Thermomix ®. Challenging recipes can become easy and Thermomix ® will give you more time to add that extra touch to a special meal!

Fresh, Delicious, Healthy Food

Find out how Thermomix ® can help you cook ingredients more gently for fresher, healthier meals. There are also thousands of delicious Thermomix recipes that make it easy to manage specific dietary requirements like allergies or to follow a diet to support a healthier lifestyle.


A single Thermomix ® takes the place of multiple costly kitchen appliances and helps you save energy by reducing cooking times. When it is this fast and easy to cook great, restaurant-quality food at home, you can stop spending on expensive takeaways and ready-made sauces and meals.


Thanks to Vorwerk’s legendary quality and reliability standards every Thermomix ® is precision engineered and designed for daily use.

German Quality

Behind every Thermomix ® is 130 years of engineering, experience, and quality standards that has made Vorwerk a household brand name and created millions of satisfied customers around the world.

A Thermomix in your kitchen is like having your own personal assistant cooking with you every step of the way.

Benefits of Thermomix TM5

Maintenance-free reluctance motor

The powerful 500 W motor offers precision control over blade speed and direction and it can easily tackle the most demanding tasks in the kitchen.

Integrated electronic weighing scales

Enable you to weigh the ingredients straight in the Thermomix ® bowl to be processed. The scales work independently even while you are cooking or mixing at low speeds. Simply press the scale button ‘and add the ingredients. Press the ‘tare’ button to reset the scale to zero and add the next ingredient.

Colour touchscreen

Bring simple convenient cooking and endless possibilities right at your fingertips. Numerous functions and features can be accessed through the touchscreen and a single dial.

Temperature control

Offers you the ability to cook food at constant, precise temperatures between 37°C to 120 °C which helps to preserve the flavour, colour and nutrients of your ingredients.

Fully automated locking arms

Using Thermomix® is easier and safer. The lid is always locked when the knife is in operation and it will also ensure the Thermomix® will not be opened too fast and while hot ingredients might be still in motion.

Stainless steel bowl

Using  the stainless steel bowl with integrated heating makes cooking faster and more efficient.

Solingen steel blade

It ensure that you can cut, grade, mill ingredients fast and easy with excellent results.

Sophisticated safety controls and high grade food safe materials

Making your Thermomix ® a reliable help in the kitchen.

Energy efficient

Thermomix® reduces energy consumption and helps you do your part in preserving our planet. It uses less energy than most kitchen appliances. Only one power source is needed to cook a complete meal for the whole family. The localized heating element in the base of the mixing bowl ensures that heat is delivered directly into the food in the bowl, maximizing efficiency and minimizing thermal loss. The direct heating system also allows cooking times for most foods to be reduced thus saving both time and energy. The ingredients are constantly steered so the heat is efficiently and evenly distributed so the food cooks faster and the likelihood of burning is reduced.